The Name:

It's about what happens over a cup of coffee...

Melissa and I met in college.  This meant cheap dates walking the streets of the Old Market and frequenting as many coffee shops as we could find as often as possible.  Every time we sat down with our warm cups, we pulled out a board game, and would spend hours upon hours talking, laughing, playing, and ultimately falling in love.  

15-Two is how you count your score in the game of cribbage.  With well over a 1,000 games behind us, it was over these warm cups of coffee and games of cribbage that we would decide to get married, move to Denver, have kids, move back to Omaha, take various jobs, leave various jobs, and ultimately move forward with starting this company.

For us, coffee is never about the coffee.  Its about what happens when great tasting coffee, incredible people, and purposeful conversation all converge. 

Billions of people start their day with a cup of coffee.  Let's find the perfect one for you and yours. 

                                                             - Jacob (Melissa's husband)

The People:

Obsessive in Nature.  Passionate in Pursuit.  Relationship above Revenue.

It was Spring of 2004.  I was sitting in the chapel at Grace University when a dazzling beauty walked in the doors.  It was one of those moments...the skip of the heart, the sweating of the brow, the blurriness of vision...

I found myself chatting with Melissa before class that very afternoon.  I was nervous but I played it cool.  It was her smile I suppose.  And her enthusiasm.  And her convictions.  And her smile.

I told my closest friends that I would marry Melissa that very night.  Three breakups later, a lot of nervous sweat, and the grace of God through it all led us to that very conclusion in July of 2006.  

On to Seminary in Denver to study Youth and Family Ministry.  We would have our first child (Copelin) in 2010 prompting us to return home upon completing graduate school.  Eliya our daughter would join us less than two years later.

I took a job with Youth for Christ in Omaha in 2012 shaping much of what would become this very coffee company.  As we poured into the lives of students, families, pastors, school teachers, community members, and everyone in between, it became more and more clear that Melissa and I's experiences over those cups of coffee were meant to be shared.  Finding a place of belonging...whether you're a middle school student or a retiree...is built into our relational DNA.

Melissa is a hyper-driven, hyper-perfectionistic mother of 2, wife of 1, and completely obsessed with mid-century style and home decor.

Jacob is easy-going, relational, and driven with the sure belief that each and every encounter may in fact have implications to change our lives.


Together, we drive each other insane while fully convinced we are better together. 

The Space

Shared Vision, Shared Space

We first met Bob as he came through the front door of our house for a Bible Study in late fall of 2014.  It became quite clear we were cut from the same cloth.  Super enthusiastic.  Over-the-top energy for people.  Obsessive about the things we love.

The further we moved into our shared vision and philosophy for life, the more and more clear it became that we would like to work together in whatever capacity we could.  

As Bob taught us to appreciate the subtle nuances found in bottles of wine, we began to envision what it would be like to operate a similarly styled coffee business out of his wine shop.  It didn't take long before we had conspired together on how we could complement one another's businesses and add value into his already existing space.

So we find ourselves on 74th and Pacific inside of WineStyles.  We've crafted tasting options similar to what you've come to expect from WineStyles...unique, incredible, and experiential.  Please join us for a better cup of coffee and peruse your evening's beverage while you finish your custom cup.



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